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Motorcyles getting more popular – survey

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Motorcyles getting more popular – survey

Post by Y I N G on Mon 22 Aug 2011, 1:31 pm

MANILA, Philippines — Motorcycle is increasingly becoming the choice among Filipinos in the urban areas as a mode of transportation in the last five years, a survey revealed.

This was the finding of a survey conducted by the local unit of Synovate, a global market intelligence company. The Synovate’s Nationwide Urban Media Atlas study was conducted among 8,000 respondents, 15 to 65 years old, and across all socio-economic classes.

The preference for motorcycles was noted to increase from 2007 to 2010, with levels currently sustained at 18%, outnumbering ownership of sedan/family car which is pegged at 12%., the survey said.

This is especially discernible in Mindanao where “habal-habal” is favored as a mode of transportation and as a business opportunity in the said region. Habal-habal is popularly known in the Deep South where motorcycles are utilized as a public transportation even without a side car.

The survey further noted that among the lower-middle (C-) and lower (D) income households and outside of GMA where a motorcycle seems to be the preferred vehicle for the household or the respondents themselves.

This upswing in motorcycle acceptance may be driven by soaring oil price and worsening road traffic.

Meanwhile, majority of homes in Greater Manila Area still opt for four-wheeled vehicles such as sedans/family car and SUV. Upscale homes, those belonging to ABC+, particularly prefer SUVs and other luxury vehicles. But even in this segment, motorcycle ownership is also high at 23%.

In Greater Manila, the growth in ownership of a sedan/family car is mirrored by that of the motorcycle. Levels of ownership are at par for the motorcycle (17%) and a sedan/family car (18%) in total, the survey revealed.

Jeepney usage popular across all classes

In the same study, Synovate also looked into the usage of public transportation, from buses, taxis, jeepneys, to railway transportations (LRT and MRT).

It found out that usage of public conveyances have been constant for urban Filipinos. Through the past four years, past-month usage of the jeepney has remained high at 87%, or about nine out of ten urbanites nationwide had taken a jeepney in the past month. Only about half are bus-riders with 47% while four in ten or 39% take a taxi.

Riding the LRT(23%) and MRT (19%) are relatively lower across the country as these are available only in Manila. And, it is interesting to note that in GMA, those from upscale homes about equally patronize the LRT and MRT, but those from lower income households tend to be more of LRT than MRT-riders.

Synovate Philippines also learned that incidence of taking the jeepney increases inversely with economic class, although even among the ABC+s, 78% had taken a jeep in the past month.

Despite the rising gas prices and eventually that of fares, “jeepney remains to be the most commonly used mode of transportation because it is the most convenient, cheap, and widely available mode of transportation as compared to buses, taxis, and even its major competitor, the survey said.

Although he would have preferred the cooler benefit of an air-conditioned bus or FX shuttle, he also said that jeepneys are the only available PUV plying the area.

The survey also noted of the differences in preferences by Region. In Luzon, the bus comes next to the jeepney, while in Visayas, the taxi overtakes bus as a mode of transportation. In Mindanao, bus and taxi are equally patronized.(BCM)

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Re: Motorcyles getting more popular – survey

Post by tonyang on Thu 15 Sep 2011, 7:12 pm


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Re: Motorcyles getting more popular – survey

Post by darkmotard on Sun 25 Sep 2011, 9:58 pm

like it fafa ying..
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Re: Motorcyles getting more popular – survey

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