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Riders start traversing motorcycle lanes

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Riders start traversing motorcycle lanes

Post by Y I N G on Tue 18 Oct 2011, 11:06 am

Manila, Philippines – More than 500 motorcycle riders were apprehended and made to undergo an on the spot 15-minute road safety seminar in yesterday’s first day of motorcycle lane scheme headed by Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) chairman Francis Tolentino.

MMDA Director Yves Gonzales said a total of 513 motorcycle drivers were stopped as of 1 pm, during the first day of dry-run implementation of motorcycle lane along Macapagal Highway in Pasay City and Commonwealth Avenue in Quezon City.

For this week, apprehended motorcycle riders will not be issued with traffic violations receipts yet but will be given a 15-minute lecture about the necessary defensive driving skills, know-how, proper protective gears, keeping headlights on, use of motorcycle lanes and other safety seminars.

After undergoing the seminar, a sticker stating that the rider has completed the seminar will be attached on the motorcycle’s fuel tank.

Tolentino, who figured in an accident on Sunday after his motorbike fell into him, led the kick-off operations with his arm in a cast at Commonwealth Avenue.

Not even motorcycle-riding policemen and soldiers were exempted from on-the-spot safety seminars after being caught outside designated motorcycle lanes in two major thoroughfares in Metro Manila Monday.

The policemen, soldiers and even Metropolitan Manila Development Authority employees were among those caught violating the motorcycle lane policy, radio dzBB’s Allan Gatus reported.

Starting next week, October 24, motorcycle riders who fail to use the designated motorcycle lane will be fined P500. “There will be no excuse next week because we have already installed the last traffic and warning signs on the two major roadways informing the public of the scheme plus this week-long information drive,” said Tolentino.

Under the scheme, the 4th lane of Commonwealth Avenue and the rightmost lane of Macapagal Avenue would be designated as the motorcycle lanes. Motorcycle riders are banned from plying other lanes, except those who will make turns, but other vehicles can use the motorcycle lanes except for passenger buses and other heavy vehicles.

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